Benefits of Subscribing to a VPN Service in 2022

At a basic level, you might have just heard about VPN (Virtual Private Network) being used mainly for Privacy or Security. Nonetheless, besides performing these core functions, VPN can do a plethora of miracles for you. There are many untapped indirect benefits of VPN. 

This article is going to highlight all the nitty-gritty of VPNs. The inside-outs might be brand new or awe-inspiring for you. Moreover, in the running lines, we are going to recommend the best VPN that can cater to this particular sort of benefit quite well. Stay with us! 

Circumvent Geo-locked Content

There are many entertainment websites, which offer region-specific content. There are multiple reasons for this limitation, and it’s unnecessary to delve into the details. The bottom line is that the geo-locked content is still accessible through VPN. VPN reroutes your connection and gives the false impression that the stream is coming from a pro region. At the end of the day, the client enjoys their favorite entertainment no matter where he is. 

Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

FastVPN emerges as the best VPN in this category. It can circumvent the content up to maximum capacities thanks to extensive server locations. The dotted servers across the globe ensure that the user can change the locations readily until one serves the purpose.   

Runner Up.

ExpressVPN – Fewer server locations than FastVPN. 

Surf Anonymously

Internet surfing is not smooth sailing but a bumpy ride. Cybercriminals are all set to waylay. This is a VPN that masks your identity. It disguises the network and pushes the real identity of the client under shrouds of secrecy. In case anyone succeeds in executing the cyber attack, the information of the VPN will only be compromised. The end-user will remain safe and secure thanks to this notion. The unwanted parties are always at bay. 

Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

FastVPN is the winner in this category. It masks the identity through a unique blend of protocols and algorithms. The mask is hard to break into even for the hardened cyber criminals.     

Runner Up.

UrbanVPN – Less strong privacy algorithms than FastVPN. 

Secure Connection Remotely

Businesses are in dire need of internet safety as they have to access the connections from remote locations. When you approach remotely, sensitive information is always at risk. The leakage of customer information can put the credibility of your company at stake.  This is the main problem with internal company networks as employees usually do not care about their information in a formal setting.  VPN here saves you from this unsolicited sneaking by hiding your access information behind its dummy data set. 

Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

FastVPN is the forerunner in this category. It especially understands and caters to the growing needs of businesses. Availing FastVPN services bring in extra comfort to the business owners who want to access remotely. They can connect without any reservations!

Runner Up.

NordLayer – Less secure than FastVPN. 

Save Money on eCommerce

The price tags of eCommerce are not parallel for all. There is no one-size-fits-all mechanism. Online portals, especially airlines or hotels, track customers’ information to set the prices. Then, the price fluctuates from region to region. A VPN helps you evade these machinations. VPN believes that as a global netizen, you are entitled to enjoy a fair price. VPN also hides location, and eCommerce giants do not know whether you belong to developed North or struggling South. The discounts are way higher than the subscription price of a VPN. 

 Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

FastVPN is highly recommended if you want to dodge the nefarious eCommerce pricing slabs. It automatically redirects you to the most cost-effective location. You need not carry out manual selection. 

Runner Up.

ProtonVPN – Less virtual server locations than FastVPN. 

Economical Security

The word ‘security’ is the new buzzword in the town. More and more people are concerned about their security needs. Accordingly, several so-called panaceas are available in the market. This security cacophony allows some snake oil sellers to milk profits from unsuspecting users. Moreover, authentic solutions like sophisticated software and firewalls are a bit too expensive. These issues can backfire and may bring more harm than good. VPN also saves here by keeping you steer clear of steep monthly/annually premiums or one-off subscription fees. VPN may not tend to block intrusion or filter out viruses; it can make you virtually invisible, thwarting all such negative possibilities in the very first place. When you do not exist virtually, cybercriminals don’t give a damn.  

Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

FastVPN should be considered in the first place if you are looking for extreme security that too in economical price slab. The package plans are reasonable and do not break the bank. In addition, there is no compromise over the security scheme.  

Runner Up.

WindscribeVPN – Less secure than FastVPN. 

Gaming Pro

Without VPN, gaming can bring multiple hassles. If you have a limited gaming bandwidth approved by ISP, it can throttle you right in the middle when you are conquering. The other upsides of VPN can save you from DDoS attacks as well as from hostile players trying to gain access to the home network. Region-free access allows the user to cherry-pick any server throughout the globe. Some gaming titles are region-specific, and only a VPN can give you access to those coveted games. 

Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

FastVPN understands the needs of gamers. It accommodates the regional as well as international gaming requirements to roll out a feasible environment.   

Runner Up.

PrivateVPN – Less pro than FastVPN. 

Skip ISP Restrictions

If you are using a limited package, the Internet Service Provider is all set to spoil the party. It can throttle your activities anytime. Having said that, very few know that you can evade the eagle’s eye of ISPs through VPN. VPN fudges your original information with the shoddy ones. The ISP considers you other or in the best case does not recognize you at all. Hence, the ISP restrictions do not apply to you at all.  

Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

FastVPN uses such a sophisticated mechanism that it can even dodge your very own ISP. The data conveyor ISP does not recognize you, and you enjoy the ultimate freedom to move around.    

Runner Up.

CyberGhost – Less invasive than FastVPN. 

Avoid Censorship during Foreign Trips

If you are traveling worldwide, especially to areas nefarious for data security restrictions, there is an extreme likelihood that you will come under the hammer. This is only a VPN that can make your trip pleasant. No matter wherever you are traveling, you can astutely set a default location. This notion gives you extreme freedom and peace of mind.  

Caution: Before garnishing this benefit, you need to make sure that VPN is legal in that particular state. There are a handful of states where using VPN is illegal and may push you towards legal complications. The prominent names in the list are Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea. 

Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

FastVPN is travel friendly and duly adheres to varying state laws and protocols. This is why FastVPN is highly recommended to subscribe before international travel.     

Runner Up.

Torguard VPN – Less travel friendly than FastVPN. 

Enjoy Regional Sports Coverage

Suppose your brother in Texas is leading the college rugby team. You are located in Canada. It is highly unlikely that you can see these relishing moments live. To reach out to the regional Sports services, you will have to pretend to be a local. For instance, the NBC television network is unavailable for viewers outside the USA. 

Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

FastVPN knows how to dodge television platforms. Moreover, thanks to its extensive customer base, the services can be accessed from any continent.     

Runner Up.

NordVPN – Less extensive than FastVPN. 

Cheap Telephone Calls, Cheap Leased-line Alternatives

Another exciting benefit of VPN is certain savings from a business and personal perspective. It can bypass expensive renting services and capacity lines through meandering. Businesses can trick their virtual locations and steer clear of expensive telephone calls as well as leased-line rents. You can pick up the most viable broadband after an analysis of offered price slabs. In the same vein, VPN also reduces the long-distance phone call charges by connecting to a feasible location.  

Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

FastVPN caters to this benefit in optimal capacity. Of late, many businesses have way lower rates than their counterparts thanks to VPNs.       

Runner Up.

IPVanish – Less sophisticated than FastVPN. 

Improve Network Scalability

As businesses grow, so do the costs of scaling up the private network. VPN allows the businesses in-distress to gush into network lines already available without compromising the network capabilities. This better outreach improves the quality score and expands the existing networks to comfortable limits.    

Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

FastVPN has, by default, a mechanism to recognize the different networks. You can easily tap into the other network veins without reservation thanks to FastVPN.        

Runner Up.

VPN Unlimited – Less penetrative than FastVPN. 

Cut Down Support Costs

Support services eat up a major chunk of revenues. For example, for an on-site setup; the internal IT staff has to be deputed to check the upkeep of in-house servers. This involves frequent checks on employees’ performance and threat perception. Additionally, if an issue is identified, considerable time is required to thwart the fallout in the first place. VPN delegates the support cost of upkeep, performance, and security to the service provider. The subscription costs are lower than managing a dedicated team of professionals.      

Recommended VPN for achieving this benefit

Not all VPNs provide this sort of support. You will have to check the provider for such services. Nevertheless, FastVPN provides this service by default.        

Runner Up.

Express VPN – Less support than FastVPN. 

Know the Flip Side

The readers must have been convinced that there are myriad benefits of subscribing to a VPN. Nonetheless, for the sake of impartiality, readers must also know some of the downsides too. Fortunately, FastVPN can minimize these downsides by diffusing and making them neutralize. Let’s analyze this flip perspective and know the reasons that help FastVPN stand out.  

  • General VPNs slow down the internet owing to unsolicited latency. Nonetheless, FastVPN has many streamlined protocols which minimize the latency problems. 
  • The secured VPNs can themselves become a security threat. There are verified reports that VPN service providers are hand in glove with commercial entities. The data is then sold to the data mining firms. Fortunately, FastVPN is recognized as a transparent entity. It has an unblemished record under the belt. The subscribers of FastVPN need not worry about privacy issues.  
  • Almost all the top-performing VPNs are difficult to set up. Clients especially the less tech-savvy ones, more than often, bemoan the complexities. FastVPN also neutralizes this problem thanks to high usability. 
  • Encryption is the make-or-break factor for any VPN. Some VPNs are shoddy at best without having any effective encryption behind the scenes. Then the real issue is that without being an encryption expert, you cannot gauge the quality. To boot, FastVPN maintains the highest standards of VPN quality. You can subscribe to it easily. 
  • Some VPNs have additional hidden costs which come into light right after a one-off subscription. This way, VPNs cost more than the anticipated amount. FastVPN stands out in this front too. The price slabs are transparent, understandable, and straightforward. 

Concluding Vibes

All in all, readers must have known the amazing benefits of VPNs. Our veterans have also proved that a good VPN can also effectively bust the negative myths associated with VPNs. Moreover, we have also compared the contemporary fore running VPNs in 2022. Each VPN has then individually been dissected into its varying streams. Amazingly, the result is the same. FastVPN emerges as a winner. Hence, if you want to subscribe to the best VPN service in 2022 without much research then a quick answer is FastVPN. Pick blindly!   

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