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Best Foreign Movies and Series on Netflix USA

Best Foreign Movies and Series on Netflix USA
Apr 10, 2022
Foreign movies and series have an amazing perception to help you understand the culture of others. For a long time, cinema has been the source of knowing the culture of those exotic lands where we have never set foot.
Eda Guzelyol
Best Foreign Movies and Series on Netflix USA - FastVPN
Foreign movies and series have an amazing perception to help you understand the culture of others. For a long time, cinema has been the source of knowing the culture of those exotic lands where we have never set foot.
This time, Netflix has taken the charge. Netflix gives easy access to successful foreign movies throughout the world.
Having said that, Netflix USA rolls out some exclusive transmission that is unavailable for other regions. We especially scavenged Netflix’s foreign movies and series offerings on its USA servers.
The list ranges from the traditional movie powerhouses like Japan and France to the new hubs of creativity like Brazil and Georgia.
In this blog, we would provide you with inside-outs of some USA-specific Netflix transmissions along with the most cost-effective way to approach these.
Let’s start!

1. Pan’s Labyrinth

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Pan’s labyrinth is one of the most imaginative movies of this era. This artwork by Guillermo Del Toro is nothing short of the truth of storytelling.
The plot hovers around an adolescent and a scavenger hunter who rush into another world of fantasy to save the girl’s mother. The era of the movie is amid the chaos of the Spanish civil war.
The great plot is backed up by incredible cinematography, out-and-out production values, and masterpiece acting. The masterclass movie has deep imprints that will be remembered for centuries.

2. Atlantics

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The sentimental story of Atlantics depicts class struggle in a bustling Senegalese city. Diop aptly evokes the love sentiments alongside the Dakar shore.
The main theme of the movie is love that too in contrasting, transcendent, and transgressive ways. Atlantics could have been another sad love story had it added a flavor of haunting as a hope.
The winters of separation can turn into blossoms of springs, Mati Diop asserts. She resoundingly ends the movie, busting all the elliptical myths.

3. Happy as Lazzaro

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The incessant drama of “Happy as Lazzaro” cannot be enveloped in this quick sketch. The movie starts with the funny blunders by rural Italian gobbledygook.
The movie is a tug-of-war between good idiot Lazzaro and not-so-good evil Christ – a mythic wolf. Lazzaro is powered by his transcendent and earthly goodness against the wolf’s moral spoils. Humanity flows throughout the movie.

4. The Grandmaster

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The Grandmaster is a silent masterclass by Wong Kar Wai. This movie is a rough chronicle of the legend of Yip Man.
The opening starts from the rain droplets in slow motion and ends up in a balsa wood tower orchestrated with martial arts prowess.
The beautiful action film romanticizes you by pummeling so many hapless villains incessantly. Punches, kicks, and masterclass attacks are all over – stay huffed!

5. Taare Zameen Par

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Taare Zameen Par is a sure tearjerker. The movie depicts the love and compassion between a child with dyslexia and his compassionate mentor.
As the traditional Indian education system is notorious for belittling students with disabilities, the movie focuses on this issue.
Aamir Khan makes this societal problem a subject of the movie. The movie emphasized more on realism with zero conventional Bollywood signature song-and-dance numbers. You would love it!

6. The Night Comes for Us

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The Night Comes for Us is full of violence, action, and itches. Every aspect of the movie sounds grueling – paving a road to hell.
The combat scenes are very well choreographed, the scenes ranging from bone-crushing to blood-letting and chaos to butcher life.
The movie gets its inspiration from video game themes. Amazingly, behind all these gruesome actions; there is a noble cause. The hero does all the loathsome stunts to save a cute little girl. Unbelievable!

7. Blame!

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Blame! is another sci-fi visionary by Seshita. It has everything you can’t expect. The surprises start from Byzantine factories to ghoulish hunters waiving the serrated bone knives and gristle guns.
It is an amazing infusion of music, fashion, video games, and arts. The setting of the movie is on a far-future planet known as ‘The City. While the main character of ‘Balme!’ is Killy, a sociopath loner, who wanders through the layers of the planet in search of an elixir – net germinal gene.
The gene was believed to be the only panacea against The City’s hostile expansion. The action-driven affairs of ‘Balme!’ make it the most convincing and conceptually entertaining anime movie on Netflix.

8. The Square

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The Square is based on a historic event of the Egyptian Revolution. Director Jehane Noujaim has hands-on experience of the proceedings of the Egyptian revolution, its causes, ramifications, and overarching ripples.
The same revolution then became a cornerstone of many other revolutions in the Arab world thanks to its domino effect. The two-year history of the revolution has been aptly covered by this docudrama movie.
Moreover, The Square tells that there was something more telling behind the joyous scenes of Tahrir Square. The inference has a cost, it never comes easy. Sense it in ‘The Square’.

9. The Intouchables

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The Intouchables is all about a quadriplegic aristocrat and his caretaker. The odd couple comprises Philippe, a billionaire who was paralyzed in an accident, and Driss, a street vendor.
The movie is all about contrasts and conflicts that too in a humorous way; black-white, rich-pauper, immobile-extremely agile, all odd traits mingle here.
They both are poles apart! Driss calls spade a spade about the baser aspects of her job like emptying the other’s bowels and taking care of him. This mix of humor and drama is extremely funny.
The movie takes an off turn when Driss rejuvenates their withering soul of Philippe by providing her prostitutes. It’s bizarre! She tells her boss the ways to have sex without having any hands-on experience. Then, the drama begins.
Comedy aside, The Intouchables also touches on some of the taboo topics of French society. It reveals what is considered off-limits like racial relations, economic disparity, and cultural relevance in a truly feel-good way.

10. Lagaan

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Netflixians are proud to see Lagaan fetching the third-ever Indian Academy awards. The plot is convoluted between high-stake betting, enthusiasm, and forbidden love.
The setting of this epic drama is colonial India – a colony of Britishers. The story revolves around a group of villagers who challenge the undue taxation on them.
The rulers comply but in a very different way. The villagers are given a silver bullet to chew. The masters challenge them to play a game of cricket to remove this cumbersome taxation.
The outcome of the match would decide the fate of the villagers. The situation becomes a bit too challenging for the villagers who are novices at best.
On the flip side, the Britons are at home in cricket. The melodious voice of A.R. Rehman entertains this thoughtful production through frequent soundtracks.
Well, the outcome of the proposed cricket match is shocking. For knowing the result! Hop on to Netflix USA right now.
Wait! There are down amazing Netflix US series too
Not only are there US-based Netflix movies but there are also some exciting series waiting for you. Let’s have a quick look at what Netflix US is offering in 2022.

1. Lupin

Lupin follows the story of Lupin – the world-famous gentleman thief and master of conspiracy.

2. Maid

Maid is all about Hard Work, low wages, and the will to survive. See how the young mother brilliantly escapes from an abusive relationship.

3. Squid Game

The success of Squid Game is searching. You can’t deny it unless you are a Maritan. Greenlight, Red light everywhere.

4. Money Heist

This Spanish crime drama, crafted by Álex Pina, is one of the most successful series on Netflix ever.  From the last four sessions, every latest is better than the older one.

How to watch these exciting Netflix-US foreign movies and series in your region

Although there are multiple ways of watching these creme-de-la-creme movies in your region. But, the most convenient and cost-effective way is subscribing to a VPN service. Not convinced yet? Let’s know the five compelling reasons.
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It is important to remember that there are many VPN service providers online. Nonetheless, our editors recommend subscribing to FastVPN.
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1. FastVPN changes your virtual location

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3. FastVPN gives you free access to premium content

Netflix has a set price regimen for different regions around the globe. Thanks to FastVPN, you can pick the most convenient pricing slab. FastVPN has servers across the globe, so you can pick one of your choices.

4. FastVPN evades data throttling by ISP

ISP is the important guy in the town who provides you the sufficient bandwidth to enjoy your home cinema at the idiot box.
This man is a bit sneaky and frugal when the buck stops at lavish data usage. Here again, FastVPN emerges as a savior. It effectively makes you invisible to your very own ISP.
The ISP does not know how much data you spend. And you keep watching your favorite shows. Here you go!

5. FastVPN provides you a pleasure seamless experience

You can give a double boost to your Netflix binge-watching through FastVPN. FastVPN mitigates screen freezes up to minimum levels by removing the latency.
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Dropping the Curtain

We are damn sure that you must have at least cherry-picked one movie for your watch list dedicated for the coming weekend.
All these amazing choices are listed on Netflix for the USA. No worries if the same is available for viewership in your region.
We have passed a lovely trick (subscribing to FastVPN service) that gives you the best Netflix experience you have ever sensed. Have a nice watch!
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