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How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account | Best Guide 2023

How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account | Best Guide 2023
Jan 4, 2023
Instagram, with one billion active users, is the hub of celebrities, fantasies, dreams, lifestyles, and inspiration. There are several curated stories and photos to scroll through. Every moment is a fun moment here.
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Instagram, with one billion active users, is the hub of celebrities, fantasies, dreams, lifestyles, and inspiration. There are several curated stories and photos to scroll through. Every moment is a fun moment here.
Having said that, this world full of glitters has a downside too. Instagram is a ripe place for scams. Also, Several psychological studies onfirm that excessive use of Instagram leads to adverse mental health. Many empirical studies also go against the use of Instagram.
If you are no more interested in the flashy influencers. And just want to regain your time then deleting the Instagram account is a tantalizing idea.
In this blog, we will tell you the most convenient ways How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account. Also, you come to know about temporary or permanent break-ups with Instagram.

Compelling Reasons for Deleting the Instagram Account

Regardless of all the good vibes of Instagram, more and more people are being inclined to delete their accounts. To explore, what are the compelling reasons that push the public at large to take this extreme step.

Instagram consumes (wastes) your precious time

Instagram is just like a black hole. consumes your precious time by endless scrolling of other persons’ profiles whether they are your friend or not.
This endless streak compels you to hop on from one profile to another without giving any second thought to your precious time.

Life Teleports Behind the Screen

Instagram is a sort of addiction. Our life is already badly tangled in digital conundrums. We use smartphones at the dining table, bedroom, or even bathroom.
According to some studies, a normal American checks their cell phone around 250 times a day. Also, n the same vein, we spend more time online than we sleep.
Our friends are often spotted silently sitting, having their faces buried in devices. This addiction is leading to severe social and mental repercussions.

Privacy and Security Concerns

It is also a fact that Instagram never cares about your privacy, user rights, or security concerns. Your geo-marked information can fire back and put you in hot water. These on-off security breaches have compelled ordinary users to shut the doors of virtual social life.

How does Instagram use gathered Personal Information?

Well, this is an intriguing question as well as a concern that every Instagram user ponders. You must keep in mind that there is no clear concept of free lunches.
Every offer is pushed to satiate some vested interests. In the same vein, the sophisticated services of Instagram also earn their revenues in some indirect ways. These indirect ways include:


Advertising is the first and foremost avenue of revenue for any social media platform including Instagram. Instagram collects the user data, filters it, and sells it to advertisers and marketers for further analysis. The advertisers then market their products after taking stock of your shopping habits.

Sharing with third parties

Instagram is not legally bound to not share your personal information with third parties. Instead, it is incumbent upon Instagram to share some specific information with members of Law Enforcement Agencies in compliance with some state laws.
So, Instagram passes your anonymous as well as filtered information to law enforcers during the proceedings of any investigation. Moreover, it can also share your data with partner companies for their very own projects.

Product Testing

Instagram also uses personal information for testing new products. Data is the key, this key also harbingers the shifting choices. Hence, Instagram also disseminates your information to help understand future patterns.
These powerful arguments might seem sweet on Instagram’s end. But, these are highly obnoxious too. Your privacy is always at the stake.
So, what’s next!
Should you permanently delete your Instagram account under the impression of these arguments?
No, not at all! And this NO is a big one.
Our veteran editors have a super trick in their bucket that tells you how to intact your privacy on Instagram without permanently deleting your Instagram account.
We will share the nifty trick at the end of the blog. Before, we would stick to the topic of this blog – how to permanently delete an Instagram account.
You must know that if you don’t download the data in the first place before deleting the Instagram account then the whole data will be deleted. Moreover, the data will be gone forever as the actions cannot be redone.
Let’s start with the basic method of deleting an Instagram account.

Permanently Delete Instagram Account

  • Firstly log into the particular account you want to delete through the web browser (you cannot delete the Instagram account from the app).
  • Go to the “Delete your Account” page.
  • A section will appear about “Why do you want to delete?”, just pick up the right or expedient reason.
  • Enter the Instagram password.
  • Click the ” Delete” button.
Your account has been processed for deletion!
It will remain hidden from general view for 30 days. After passing the 30-day grace period, the Instagram account will be deleted permanently including all the followers, likes, comments, and photos associated with that particular account.
Having said that, if your state of mind changes within 30 days, you can simply desist the deletion procedures by logging back into the account.
Through these simple five steps, your Instagram account will be deleted. Nevertheless, if you just want to take a break from Instagram, then you can deactivate the account instead.

Deactivate vs. Delete: Which is the Best Pick for You?

To keep its fan base intact, Instagram does not want its users to leave in throngs. It also gives you a convenient idea of temporarily deactivating the account. It’s up to you whether you go for a full-fledged deletion or just take a pause through deactivating the account.
Let’s first know the key difference between deactivating or permanently deleting your Instagram account.

Backup Your Instagram Data First

Before deactivating or deleting the Instagram account, you must grab a copy of things you have placed on this social media app. This way, your data remains safe with you, it does not spoil with the changing status of your Instagram account.

Download Instagram Data on Android or iPhone

  • Tap on the profile picture at the bottom right corner of the mobile screen.
  • Now tap the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • Select Setting then Security then Download Data.
  • Enter your desired email address where you want to receive the link to download data.
  • Tap on “Request Download”.
  • Enter password.
  • Tap ” Next”.
You are all done!
It may take 48 hours to receive your download link. You will get the email with the caption “Your Instagram Data”. By following the contained link, you get the file on your devices readily.

Download Instagram Data on Mobile Browser or Computer

  • Click on the profile picture placed in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Setting”.
  • Choose “Privacy and Security”.
  • Scroll down to find ” Data Download”.
  • Click on, “Request Download”.
  • Enter the email address where you want to receive the download link.
  • Choose your preferred format for the data file – JSON or HTML.
  • Re-type the password.
  • Select ” Request Download”.
The process has been completed!
Now, you will get an email “Your Instagram Data” within 48 hours. Following that email, you will be able to retrieve all of your data.

How to Deactivate the Instagram Account

Not ready to just walk away full and finally! It’s good if you test a trial separation from Instagram. Haste always makes waste.
In this section, we will give you the nifty trick to deactivate your Instagram account. Unfortunately, you cannot deactivate your Instagram account through Android or iPhone. Instead, you need to use a computer or mobile browser.
Let’s delve deep into the quick way of deleting the Instagram account through mobile or a computer browser.
  • Open the browser window.
  • Log in to your Instagram account which you want to deactivate.
  • Select the profile picture placed in the top right corner.
  • Select Profile then Edit Profile.
  • Scroll down and then click “Temporarily Disable my account”.
  • Here, you will confront a question – ” Why are you disabling your Instagram account?”
  • Choose a convenient reason from the dropdown menu. You must remember that you cannot proceed without selecting a valid reason.
  • Enter password.
  • Click on “Temporarily Disable Account”.
You are all done!
Instantly, your Instagram is no more in public view. All data including likes, followers, photos, names, and comments will never appear via search.

How to Reactivate the Previously Deactivated Account

Missing the razzle-dazzle of Instagram!
No worries. You can anytime reactivate the deactivated Instagram account.
  • Either open Instagram in the web browser or launch the Instagram app through iPhone or Android.
  • Enter your login credentials associated with the deactivated account.
  • Just log in, and your account will be reactivated forthwith.
You need to remember that if you immediately change your mind after deactivating your account then you will have to wait for the next 24 hours. As the deactivation process is on the go, you cannot interrupt it with the reactivation request.
After going through all the tricks to delete, deactivate, and reactivate your Instagram account. It’s time to roll out the trick through which you need not consider all these ways in the first place.

The way out

If you want to enjoy the good vibes of Instagram without relinquishing your basic right to privacy then the only way out is to subscribe to a VPN.
VPN or Virtual Private Network is a nice service that keeps your privacy intact while you scroll through social media platforms including Instagram.

Recommended VPN – FastVPN

Although there are several VPNs available in the market. Each asks for an upfront subscription through tantalizing offers. But, it is an ugly reality that most of them are no more than snake oil sellers.
After elaborate market research, editors have declared FastVPN as the recommended service owing to high grades on reliability, pricing, portability, and usage.

FastVPN masks your identity

The biggest issue with Instagram scrolling is identity theft. It is true that Instagram sells your data, but you can tackle this challenge by making your identity completely anonymous.
FastVPN uses a mix of sophisticated servers and encrypted algorithms that give a run around to the Instagram handlers. You remain obscure!

FastVPN prevents you from Social Engineering

Apart from reservations created by Instagram, many cybercriminals are all set to haunt you. They utilize several dirty tactics collectively known as Social Engineering.
Nevertheless, FastVPN aptly handles all these nefarious schemes by pushing you deep into its encrypted pockets. You enjoy social networking without being hit by social engineering.

FastVPN makes your scrolling experience smooth

As FastVPN hides your identity, it also dodges your very ISP. In turn, you are out of bandwidth restrictions and enjoy the smooth Instagram scrolling experience.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to wrap up the blog! We taught you the most convenient ways of deleting, deactivating or reactivating your Instagram accounts without ado.
In the meantime, we also passed on the genuine reservations while using the Instagram accounts. Nonetheless, we know that virtual social life is also important for you.
It infuses positive energy into you. So, we concluded this Instagram debate on an upbeat note. You have a convenient trick at hand.
Now, you can resolve your Insta-privacy issues without switching off your accounts. A reliable VPN like FastVPN is all set to steer clear of all the proposed pitfalls. Your Instagram experience is no more toxic now. Just use it with FastVPN, and enjoy the good tides of both worlds.
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