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How To Get Anonymous Email Account? | Best Guide 2023

How To Get Anonymous Email Account? | Best Guide 2023
Jan 2, 2023
In this ever-changing, dynamic world where everything is fast and turning out to be online.
Eda Guzelyol
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How To Get Anonymous Email Account? | Best Guide 2023 - FastVPN
In this ever-changing, dynamic world where everything is fast and turning out to be online.
Communication becomes the key. In this regard, the provision of your privacy becomes commonplace. Anyone can know anything about the user.
To put it simply. The security of your privacy becomes the need of the hour. Therefore, the user should give prime importance to it.
What are EMAILS –
One of the simplest methods to interact on the internet is through email. Any person can quickly create an email account. And use it to communicate all across the world. Through rapid messages in a span of a few minutes.
But creating an anonymous email is a far more tricky operation.

Here Is How To Get Anonymous Email Account, 2023

Here is why you need to get an anonymous email account in 2023

Reasons for Anonymous Email Account

You may wish to have an anonymous email for a variety of reasons. Many people tend to make anonymous email accounts for various reasons. The most prevalent is privacy.
Safety at It’s Best
It is good to report a fraud or crime, complain about a colleague. And express your opinion about something. Also, such an email account is good to send confidential and private data.
Anonymous email account is ideal to leave a negative review about a company or product.
Privacy Protection
Maintaining another email account for privacy reasons. May assist in preventing spam in your primary account as well.
Exposing Becomes Easy
It is also good to expose the truth in challenging circumstances. Or you may complain against any unethical activity. In any respective organization or institute.
A Safe Haven for Safety
Apart from this, it may also be the case where revealing your identity may cause severe damage to your loved ones.
Thus, enclosing your identity in all the situations mentioned earlier becomes significant.
Fills out the Essential Requirements
Another primary reason people want an anonymous email account is its wide usage as the essential requirement. For making an account on any other website or social media platform.
Many websites require a user’s basic information for profiling. An elaborate form pops up on the screen. Before accessing the original content. Usually, an email id is has to be there for any further activity.
But if that email is with third party in any way, which is not a new thing in the world of the internet. One’s privacy could be at risk of getting into the wrong hands. Even worse. There can be a significant risk of hacking.
Snoopers and hackers can easily have a sneak peek into your personal space. Therefore, to ease this hassle, anonymity, and safety has to be there.
In short, anonymous mail is good for people from all walks of life. Who do not want the breaches of safety.

Email Encryption

There are several other alternatives to encrypting a message sent through email. Making it almost impossible to read by an unintended party.
Gmail and Third Party plugins for Encryption
This isn’t a complex task. And companies do it all the time. Gmail also supports email encryption. But only for G Suite for Enterprise and G Suite for Education. These are both premium services. And not the usual regular Gmail accounts.
Third-party plugins are also good for securing personal Gmail accounts. Though message encryption protects the message content from interception. It doesn’t provide an anonymous identity to the sender. Thus, it’s easy to figure out the sender behind those emails.

Getting an Anonymous Email Account

To put it another way, an anonymous email conceals the identity of the person sending the messages.
An anonymous email uses all the necessary technology to ensure that the email you are sending has no way of tracing you.
There are multiple ways to make an anonymous email account easily. The five most popular steps are as follows:
  • Using False Details with a Standard Webmail Provider
When most users want to establish an anonymous email. ey choose this approach. But this does not mean that it is the safest of all.
This solution works with any web-based email service like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.
  • Sign up for a new account with fake details
These services demand personal information such as name, country, and date of birth to create a new email account. Thus, you can add any fictitious information for registration that has nothing to do with your genuine identity.
Also, do not use your personal information in your security questions and password that are in your personal use.
  • Create a new anonymous phone number
Certain services, such as Gmail, additionally need a phone number as part of the account verification process. However, you can’t register an account without a genuine number since an incorrect number would not work.
You can buy a new sim card that is separate from the one you use personally. This depends on how simple it is to obtain a unique number in your region. Still, you will provide personal information, such as your name and CNIC number, to obtain this phone number.
Another alternative is to sign up for an account using some web-based provider that gives virtual phone numbers.
However, it is essential to note that the legitimacy of such websites is debatable, and there is a significant possibility that Google will ban the number that you have bought via these providers.
  • Using a Different Laptop
We understand that this entails purchasing a new laptop. Which can be quite an expensive opinion. However, robust security and privacy are the primary concerns here.
If you have to send anonymous emails frequently. Purchasing another laptop may be brilliant. You can also acquire a computer that operates over an encrypted Linux version for further privacy.
Another option is to use Windows 10. However ensure that all tracking methods are disabled. Put another way, keep a separate laptop used only to send emails anonymously.
Moreover, do not use this laptop for any service that requires your data and might compromise your privacy.
A few tips to get a greater level of privacy by using a second laptop are:
  • Do not ever use the computer to access your personal Gmail or other social media accounts
  • Use Cortana when exploring the web
  • Do not install any application that uses personal data
  • Use tape to cover the camera
Also, this approach and the previous method of using fake information do not confer accurate and complete anonymity. If the person you sent the mail to has the resources, the mail can be traced back.
  • Using a Burner Email Account with VPN

VPN to the Rescue

A virtual private network, also known as a VPN, is the safest option to send an anonymous email. It provides a secure and encrypted pathway for conversations. Install and download a VPN.
Connect it to a server and viola, and it will encode all the contents of your email.
How VPN is an Ultimate Solutions
By installing a VPN (a virtual private network), you may strengthen your privacy. A (VPN) connects a private network across a public network. allowing users to share data as if their computer equipment were physically linked to that private network.
Moreover, rather than depending on a free VPN, we advise subscribing to a trusted VPN provider. Your IP address is protected after you are connected to the VPN. There are two distinctions when sending an email from a Gmail account:
  • If you look up the IP address, you’ll notice that the Google server isn’t in your location
  • If the government asks for your IP address, Google can give them the IP address of the VPN service.

FastVPN – The Damsel in Distress

In terms of the second point, it’s critical to utilize a commercial VPN provider that does not keep track of your connection information. This is because they can provide a log if there is one.
Free VPN services have been widely known to record your activities.
Akin to this, sending an anonymous email from an email account. Such as Gmail is also a fantastic solution.
The user may create a Gmail account without revealing any personal information.
VPN Gives you Privacy
Afterward, to assure more privacy, the user may create a burner account using that email address.
Moreover, the original IP address in the email header (from which the email originated) is a Google server address instead of your IP address when sending a Gmail message anonymously. Another layer of anonymity is provided by changing your IP address.
If this IP address was traced, it will just indicate the location of a Google server. Although the server is not required near your area, it is worthwhile to hide your track.
With that stated, Google tends to save your actual IP address. Thus, if the government or another authority ever comes to demand your whereabouts. Google will give it to them.
  • Using Your Email Client with VPN
Another way to anonymous email is to use an email client. Already installed on your computer. To ensure that you stay anonymous, follow these steps:
  1. Create a disposable email address (such as Gmail, GMX, Yahoo Mail, etc.)
  1. Download Thunderbird or another free email client.
  1. Set up and connect to a VPN, as instructed previously
Connect to the VPN and ensure. That your device now uses a distant IP address. Next, using the disposable account. Send an email through your email client. Rather than your original IP address. Your VPN IP address would now appear in the email header.

Other Ways to Keep your Email Anonymous

  • Using an Anonymous Email Service
When sending an anonymous email. The most straightforward approach to keep your identity hidden. Is to utilize anonymous email services.
These email providers help you create an entirely separate email account. From your personal or professional identity.
Furthermore, all emails sent and received from these accounts are encrypted. This implies that only the sender and receiver may be able to read them.
Also, it protects your messages from being intercepted by a third party as well.
  • ProtonMail
ProtonMail is a service that uses end-to-end encryption software. Which makes your emails entirely unavailable to outsiders.
It doesn’t need any of your personal information. To help you create a secure and anonymous account. Moreover, it also doesn’t store IP records. Thus you won’t be able to trace the message back to you.
The benefit of ProtonMail is that it is based on an open-source code. And accessible to anybody. It’s free to use. And offers paid services that provide additional features.
The fantastic quality is that. It doesn’t give any prerequisite necessary for profile formation. No data regarding the name, location, or phone number needs to be there.
Therefore, even the service providers do not have any information regarding the user.
  • Mailfence
You get excellent security features with Mailfence. There isn’t any spam or tracking. It has a facility for OpenPGP keys as well.
These keys may be created, imported, published, and managed.
  • Cyber Atlantis
This is an entirely free anonymous email service. There isn’t any need to create an account on the website. Since the recipient’s email address is all required by this service.
Nevertheless, fire emails can be blocked from being sent to the recipient’s email address. You can send anonymous emails via Cyber Atlantis if they are neither offensive nor unlawful.
  • Private email
PrivateMail’s free package includes 100MB of storage per month and a VPN service. It implements encryption technologies as well for keeping your information safe.
It provides attractive features to meet the needs of any email power.
Furthermore there is no obligation to provide any personal information for getting registered with the service. Thus, this leaves you completely anonymous.
  • Anonymous Email
Anonymous Email allows you to send emails without registering. However, in the free version, the watermark is there.
On the other hand, if you subscribe to its premium plan. The package would be able to get rid of it. You may choose from the name, email. And email notification on delivery with the premium plan.
Conclusion – VPN is the Ultimate Answer
Conclusively, using an anonymous email account is a secure method for sending messages. While keeping your real identity hidden.
Moreover, it is a good technique for keeping spam out of your primary email account. And protecting shady firms from selling your information to third parties.
The amount of privacy and security provided by these various services varies significantly.
Thus, using some of these suggested solutions is highly recommended for you. If who want to open an anonymous email account. Signing up for services such as ProtonMail is a must.
Also, using a VPN like FastVpn for an additional layer of security. Is essential for ensuring that your reputation and safety is protected.
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