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What Is a VPN Concentrator? How Does It Work?

What Is a VPN Concentrator? How Does It Work?
Oct 6, 2022
VPN concentrator provides a secure connection to multiple devices. It fits perfectly to companies. Learn more details about VPN connectors.
Buse Eker
What Is a VPN Concentrator? How Does It Work? - FastVPN
The more digitized our life becomes, the more our privacy is at risk. From internet service providers selling data to companies that collect data to sell to hackers performing identity theft for malicious reasons. Both individuals and businesses are under the threat of cyberattacks.
A VPN will let you access the internet, securely as it encrypts your connection and hides your IP address. So, scrupulous individuals cannot hack into your network. The term ‘virtual private network’ might seem intimidating but they are more useful than you think.
Without the right security tools, you are left vulnerable. Thus, businesses are looking to extend their security tools to the homes of their employees. This is when a VPN concentrator proves to be useful. Let’s find out how VPN concentrator works.

What is a VPN Concentrator?

It is mainly a networking device enabling multiple VPN tunnels to run smoothly at the same time with access to the primary VPN network. It might sound similar to a VPN router but a VPN concentrator works on a much bigger scale.
It creates multiple encrypted VPN tunnels at the same time and ensures a secure connection to the VPN nodes. Thus, the concentrators manage different VPN connections from remote locations.
So, one VPN concentrator can serve several at the same time, generating a separate VPN tunnel for each internet user.

How Does It Work?

A VPN concentrator works by creating a secure connection over a less secure network between the network and the device. Thus, users can access their business or home network from anywhere across the work without the risk of being hacked. It authenticates the users who are accessing the centralized system. It performs end-to-end data encryption and decryption.
So, when you use it for your business, you can ensure the same level of protection for all your employees.
Don’t confuse a VPN concentrator with site-to-site VPN services. The latter can establish a secure connection between two fixed locations that can then access the same internal systems and databases.

The Benefits of a VPN Concentrator?

  • With a VPN concentrator, you can ensure higher efficiency and productivity. The devices provide security to a wide range of locations and to a team with many people. Thus, users can access internet security for business or personal purposes from any corner of the world.
  • It develops a tunnel that leads to the VPN concentrator. So, you can receive any input data that comes through.
  • A VPN concentrator is best for large enterprises with ample confidential data as the device offers protection against security breaches and hacks. It prevents your data from being stolen or your information being leaked.

Top VPN Concentrators to Use

Just as VPN services, there are many VPN concentrator manufacturers. Here are the top VPN concentrators you can consider using.

1. ShoreTel

ShoreTel is a popular VPN concentrator that lets you install a remote IP telephony network that helps in securing your IP phones that are connected to the rest of the system. Remote users can just connect the ShoreTel IP phone to the broadband router and establish a secure tunnel with minimal configuration.

2. Cisco Meraki

Cisco is another VPN concentrator. This concentrator is easy to deploy. It is developed for large companies.

3. Aruba

Hewlett-Packard comes with its own share of the VPN concentrator market. These products are handy tools that connect your corporate system with your remote employees.

Let’s Sum Up

If you run a business and are planning on getting the right VPN for your in-office or remote employees, you can consider using a VPN concentrator. It will protect network communications from unauthorized access when communication has to pass through an untrusted network. You are supposed to secure your data especially when you are using third party tools.
With VPN concentrator, you can establish a secure connection between remote clients or remote branches. New security threats are emerging on a regular basis and only a good security system protects you and your business. However, a VPN concentrator is largely beneficial for bigger enterprises. If you run a small business, you can consider getting a FastVPN router to secure your privacy.

FAQs About VPN Concentrators

Is a VPN Concentrator the Same as a VPN Router?

A VPN concentrator and a VPN router are similar but not the same. The former adds to the capabilities of a VPN router by including advanced network and data security in communications. It can create and manage multiple VPN tunnels.

Who Needs a VPN Concentrator?

Organizations and businesses operating multiple systems connected using a network will need a VPN concentrator. If you want your remote employees to connect securely to a network, a VPN concentrator will ensure that.

Are VPN concentrators similar to site-to-site VPNs?

VPN concentrators are completely different from site-to-site VPNs. If you are looking for two or three sites, then a site-to-site VPN might be the best solution for you. It is ideal for a fixed location. While a VPN concentrator is the best solution if you need tunneling protocols to offer remote access from a random location, multiple users simultaneously, and mobile devices.
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