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Can You Use a VPN Legally to Browse Netflix?

Can You Use a VPN Legally to Browse Netflix?
Mar 14, 2022
There might be couple of reasons to use VPN to browse Netflix. It might be tricky to use VPN on Netflix sometimes. Let's learn how to make sure that your VPN works on Netflix.
Buse Eker
Can You Use a VPN Legally to Browse Netflix? - How To Trick Netflix to Use a VPN - FastVPN
Netflix is one of the popular streaming platforms. But there’s something that’s a little annoying. You will come across a list of shows on Netflix but when you try to play them, it shows the content isn’t available in your region.
In some countries, the movies and shows you can watch are restricted. Due to some broadcasting agreements with television and movie studios, some content on Netflix is restricted in some countries. The content list you have access to depends on where you are located in the world.
But there are ways to trick Netflix into thinking that you are from a different region. And, the simplest way to do that is to use a VPN. With a VPN, you can tunnel your internet traffic through an intermediary server located in a different country. So, the VPN will mask your IP address and will replace it with one from your selected country. By spoofing your location, the VPN encrypts your traffic. Hence, your ISP or government cannot monitor your location. Even if you are away from home, you can access your country’s content list.

Watching Netflix Using a VPN

For watching Netflix with VPN, follow the steps given below-
  1. Firstly, select a VPN that will work with Netflix.
  1. When you have registered an account, download your chosen VPN app on the device where you would like to watch the Netflix show.
  1. When you download the app and sign in, connect to a server from some other country. It will automatically change the location on Netflix, whenever you sign in.
  1. With the VPN turned on, log into Netflix and watch your preferred content.

Netflix Banning Account Using a VPN

There have been rumors that Netflix can ban accounts that are using VPN. But that’s not true. So, just relax. Don’t fret! We will give you a clear picture of the present state of the location-based restrictions of Netflix.
First, let’s understand why Netflix blocks VPN.
Netflix viewers across the world take geo-blocked technology to be a roadblock. We often feel, what’s the harm in letting people watch all programs as they have already paid for the service?
Well, the actual problem lies between the streaming platform and its providers. It is applicable to all streaming services. For instance, if HBO creates viewing, which is accessed through the channels that they have paid for, they don’t want viewers to access it for free from some other location.
Netflix pays for a license. So, legally they should protect the provider’s requirements by confirming the agreed terms and conditions. These licenses are also available against a cost. If a country has a low subscriber number, a license is cheaper to get than in countries that deliver shows to a larger audience set.
Netflix has separate catalogs for every country they operate in. The terms and conditions for each are unique for each country and program.

How to Choose the Right VPN to Browse Netflix?

Once you decide that you want to use a VPN for Netflix browsing, here are a few things you have to keep in mind to choose a new one-
  • Price: Make sure that the VPN that you are choosing is within your budget. In case you are planning to use the VPN for the long term, sign up for longer contracts to save money.
  • Device Compatibility: You need to ensure that the VPN you are choosing is compatible with the device where you want to watch Netflix.
  • Privacy: Privacy is important, especially if you are watching Netflix in a location where it is banned, such as North Korea. The VPN shouldn’t save your IP address or web traffic details. Check if the VPN is using AES-256 encryption, which is the present industry standard.
  • Servers: If you have to connect to a particular server, find out if it works with Netflix and if the VPN has a server in that area. Usually, VPN companies list the servers on their official site and if they work with Netflix.
  • Speed: When it comes to VPN streaming, speed is crucial. Surely, you don’t want to experience buffering when you are watching your favorite show. Check out the speed test results to learn if the VPN is fast enough for your requirements.

Is It Legal to Watch Netflix Using a VPN?

Yes, it is legal. While browsing content online, many wonder if the content is properly licensed.
Well, the difference between stealing content and watching geo-blocked content on Netflix using a VPN is that the content is being distributed to you through Netflix, and one way or the other, it is paid for. Netflix has licensed the content legally to distribute it in some regions.
For instance, if you have to watch any TV show that is only available in Canada, but you are in the USA, use a VPN to get access. Some might think that is just like stealing. However, you have paid for the service through your monthly bill, meaning it doesn’t infringe copyright law.
In terms of privacy, too, there is a lesser moral dilemma. So, even if you are using a VPN for accessing geo-blocked content, you are watching a show that you have already paid for.

What If You are Caught Streaming Netflix Using a VPN?

Nothing will happen if the company finds out that you are using a VPN to access their geo-blocked content. For instance, Netflix showcases a warning asking you to disable your VPN. However, your Netflix account is unlikely to be suspended. Also, they don’t drag you to court just because you were using a VPN for accessing their content.
Netflix uses technology for verifying your location and can detect VPN Use. But if you use FastVPN, it can fly under the radar and let you watch region-blocked content no matter where you are in the world. FastVPN uses powerful technology to ensure you always have access to the Netflix servers.
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