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List of Movies to Stream on Netflix USA

List of Movies to Stream on Netflix USA
Apr 10, 2022
Netflix USA is one of the leading services in the emerging entertainment industry, with almost 200 million paid members worldwide.
Eda Guzelyol
List of Movies to Stream on Netflix USA - FastVPN
Netflix USA is one of the leading services in the emerging entertainment industry, with almost 200 million paid members worldwide.
Around the globe, it shows TV series, feature films, art films, anime, documentaries, game shows, and many more in a variety of languages. It divides and distinguishes each category according to its respective genre.
Netflix USA is accessible regardless of any Spatio-temporal restriction. It allows you to access the world of media without any unnecessary advertisements.
Multiple people can share screens and watch their favorite series and shows with smooth unbuffer streaming.
Also, Netflix USA has a library of films and series bought or produced by the incorporation; called Netflix Originals.
Subscribers need to put their login details, and voila, they enter into the magical wonderland of unlimited entertainment.

The Painful Point for People Not Living in USA

However, all the content on Netflix USA is not available and accessible in all parts of the World. Many times, a user is searching for a specific movie or serial that hits the chart yet cannot find it on their screen.
At times user even put keywords, yet it still doesn’t work. This is because access to it is not there in the user’s locality.
Though the quality of the content remains the same yet.

Why Netflix USA cannot be Accessed Worldwide

One reason is that each country has its own unique Netflix library, which may not be available in other countries.
Sometimes there is a possibility that they have a particular agreement with the production house. At times, they may gets the copyright issue if the content is available worldwide.
But just because you cannot access the Netflix USA directly, does not mean that you cannot access it at all.
The best solution to access Netflix USA is via installing FastVPN. Yes, we can watch original American content through a VPN without any unwanted disturbance.

Install FastVPN to Access Netflix USA

FASTVPN is the most reliable and safe way to access Netflix USA around the globe. It provides the complete option that allows users to stream TV shows freely. With the help of FastVPN, you can stream series, and films only available in the USA.
The user only has to download FastVPN, sign in by adding login details, connect to a server and watch Netflix. It will safely unblock all the content for the user by changing your service location automatically.
FastVPN successfully changes the IP address of the servers. Free and paid options are available for users all over the globe.

How VPNs help you decide Netflix USA?

They are simple to use and provide quality streaming. Furthermore, VPNs have a list of countries with active servers by which the users can connect according to their choice of privacy.
Securability is one of the main reasons for the use of a VPN. For instance, if a user is at a place where access to Netflix USA is not accessible.
Then it is feasible that he will need a VPN to conceal his identity and location to get access to the available content.
When it comes to VPNs for streaming, speed becomes an essential factor. Because while watching, if the movie buffers, it becomes highly irritable for the user.
FastVPN allows you to get a free speed test with their free trial option. Moreover, it is entirely legal to use a VPN on Netflix.

List of Movies to Stream on Netflix USA in 2022

Shutter Island

A 2010 trailer mystery movie covers a shocking truth about a place where two US Marshals investigate the disappearance of a patient in an Asylum.
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo. This binge worth watching a movie takes the viewer to Boston Harbour Island, surrounded by steep rocky clips.
This fictional facility captures criminally insane patients and narrates a story of spooky ventures The psychological thriller gives the viewer a topsy turvy ride with only one clue encrypted code hidden in a patient’s room “the law of four who is 67?”
The hospital facility is all shady and suspicious. The protagonist considered it hostile and uncooperative. In Ward C, where only severely disturbed patients are kept in the manic conspiracy-laden situation unravels the plot.


An American adventure drama film on Ryan Selznick’s book “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” tells a tale of a young lad from Paris Set in the 1930s.
The story revolves around the boy Hugo. He on his epic journey to uncover the mystery of his father’s automation is caught between life and death situations.
Finding the heart-shaped key becomes the sole goal of his life. Repairing his father’s automation teaches him lessons for a lifetime. The tribute that he gets at the end shows that all is not lost, and time can bring many experiences.

Kung Fu Panda

Po, the cute fat Panda, is an enthusiast that wants to become a Dragon Warrior. Being in the Furious Five, he fights the evil forces and saves the Valley of Peace. This film is a story of bravery, courage, and acceptance of one’s inner self.
The adventure makes Po the prophesied Dragon Warrior the village has been waiting for centuries. He embraces his destiny and proves his self-worth by standing against all odds.
A consecutive trilogy of Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3 was awarded best-animated feature film and also won 11 Emmys.

Red Notice

International crime, money, theft, and Interpol are the critical ingredients for a perfect action thriller. Being the most-watched movie in its debut week, it won the title of the 5th most-streamed movie of 2021.
Revolving around the robbery of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra’s three bejeweled eggs. The plot strikingly becomes a competition between renowned robbers around the globe.
Also, the companionship between FBI special agent John heartily and the international art thief Nolan Booth is a delight for sore eyes.
Both of them are amazingly challenged by Sara black, known to the World as the bishop. The stories spiral downs from Egyptian Pyramids to Nazi aircraft.
The heist continues until all three eggs are captured, and a payout of 300 million dollars makes them escape the red notices labeled on them.

Spider-man: Far from Home

Our beloved Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, is caught between the destructive elemental Monsters in a time loop.
Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man ruins his vacation plan with Ned and MJ when he decides to help Nick Fury and uncover the mystery behind the attacks.
With the help of Tony Stark’s glasses and the support of his friends, Parker saves the World against the havoc created by irregular natural forces.
During the battle, Parker reveals his identity to MJ, the love of his life. The plot takes a turn as Parker defeats Beck and saves the life of countless endangered people.

Venom: Let there be CarnageCarnage

Straight from Marvel Comics, Venom’s character revolves around Broke’s life in the 2021 American superhero film.
When Eddie Brock, a journalist, reveals the truth behind Kasady and Barrison’s mutant love. His alien symbiote takes hold of his life. The story pairs up when Kasady invites Brock to his execution in the jail.
He provokes Venom, and in the heat of the moment, he bites Brock’s hand and ingests a part of the symbiote.
A red alien symbiotic, Carnage takes hold of Kasady’s body and is an entirely evil doppelganger of our Venom. The fight begins between them, where Venom wins at separating and defeating the alien from its surrogate.

The Imitation Game

This film is an adaptation of Alan Turing’s The Enigma, A story of a talented British mathematician who joins the Cryptography department during World War II. He contributes significantly by deciphering the German Enigma code by building a machine.
Belonging to the gay community, Turing faces a backlash from his community and is discriminated against despite all his efforts in the war. With time Joan Clarke helps him to earn the respect of his colleagues.
The collective efforts and the teamwork proves fruitful as they can decode German encryptions. Turing discovers that a Soviet spy is working on their team. As soon as he confronts him, he threatens to disclose his sexuality.
Also, the government shut down the project with their success, and the team decided not to see each other again. Turing was conflicted about his sexual identity and went through a chemical castration, leading to his suicide.

Is it cake?

This reality-based TV show is a delight for all Chefs and cooks around the World. It is a competitive show based on the contestant’s sense of distinction of whether the best object is a cake or an actual real object.
Hosted by Mike Day, the contestants bake cakes by observing common everyday objects such as utensils, accessories, junk food, ornaments, etc.
Celebrity judges think that the contestant’s cake is a tangible item. The series is episodic, and so the winner receives a cash prize of 5000 dollars.
The winners also get a chance to earn more money by discerning whether the last pile of money is absolute or a fake cake.


From the perfect tea table romance to a sexually bold period piece, this epic series navigates its place through the life of young socialites.
The mysterious Lady Whistle Down takes the viewer from balls to brothels, from betrayal to love-struck relationships. The extreme mannerism, the sensuality of that era, and steamy romances vividly represented in the series reflect 19th century England.
The gossipy chit chats, the costumes, the setting, and the musical covers by Swift and Grande export the viewer to a perfect British aura. Based on Julia Quinn’s romance novel is fully loaded with what Jane Austen calls an amalgamation of the quick “succession of busy nothings.”

Vikings Valhalla

This series is a perfect representation of a hundred years of the Vikings. It picturizes the perfect representation of the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, the Norman conquest, and decades of war.
Valhalla depicts three legendary successions of Vikings in the Geopolitical era of 11th century England. This period piece with bloodshed, clashing metal, and intriguing battles with honor and country at stake is a complete roller coaster ride.

The Witcher

The Witcher is a TV adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s best-selling book. This fantasy series where Geralt, played by Henry Cavill, is a Monster Hunter that protects innocent young maidens. The story spans decades of War between Nations and is fully action-packed.
Struggling to find their place in the World of wicked beasts, Geralt discovers his own true identity. With princess Ciri and sorceress Jennifer at his side, he journeys towards a turbulent world contested by fate and destiny.
Geralt saves the princess from the malevolent evil forces and prevents the bloodshed of many Innocent Elders.


You, the best series to stream on Netflix USA regarding obsessive love. Joe Goldberg’s transformation from a lovelorn young individual into a compulsive father with his dangerous partner, Love, in the suburbs, encapsulates the audience to discover and discern the do’s and don’ts of love and married life.
With murder suspense and twist-heavy plot, the protagonist keeps the audience engaged at every beat throughout the seasons.
The story becomes sinister when a charming bookstore manager becomes a serial killer removing all obstacles between him and his love.
The psychodynamic view of erotomania and insidious actions of violence, murder, and stalking are explored throughout the series. Internalized misogynistic conflicts and emotional drama are at the very root of You.
To save him and his love, Joe Goldberg crosses all lines and barriers to define and conquer what is rightfully and truthfully his love.
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