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Pros and Cons of Changing IP Address For Gaming

Pros and Cons of Changing IP Address For Gaming
Sep 20, 2022
Changing IP Address has pros and cons for gamers. First, learn the pros and cons of changing IP Address and then you can decide if you do it or not.
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Pros and Cons of Changing IP Address For Gaming - FastVPN
Thanks to the internet, we can connect to life anytime – anywhere! What is more, it has shaped the gaming industry by providing an opportunity to access more and more games every single day. The gaming industry is now a global super-industry with total revenue reaching $1.1B in 2019. Yes, this happens in real with the power of the 400M+ gaming fans all over the World.
If you use the web for more than a few minutes, it is inevitable to encounter the term “IP address” several times. This term is used to describe “Web Convention”, and expresses a certain location for every PC that has an association with the Web.
Some experienced gamers prefer using static IP addresses to protect themselves from inactivity issues. So, should we change our IP addresses for gaming or not? In this content, you can access detailed information about changing the IP Address.

Pros of Changing IP Address For Gaming

Of course, changing IP address has several benefits for passionate gamers!

Accessing to servers

The greatest benefit of changing IP address is that it makes it possible to escape from the game servers right before getting banned. Sounds perfect, isn’t it? If you have been banned from a server before, you can enter the game again by using this trick. Just an important note: we are sorry for those who got their game account banned, this trick won’t work for you!

Speeding Up! - It optimizes your ping time

Sometimes, all you need is speed. A secret tip: changing your IP address helps to improve your ping times! Gamers can only understand the importance of this function because it really affects gaming performance. As a matter of fact, ping time is vital to be successful in online games. You can change your IP address to a closer point to the server so you can reduce lag in your gaming experience.
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It is legal

If you have any questions in mind, yes, changing your IP address is legal.
It has simple steps, so everyone can change their IP address in a few minutes. But sometimes, the servers act more intelligent than we can guess. Your device with a brand new IP will not be able to run many services and turn them down. Still, we have another chance: using a VPN. It is also similar to IP address, and plus, there are several VPNs developed for gaming.

Cons of Changing IP Address For Gaming

Every good story has an end! Of course, there are some cons of changing IP addresses for gaming. A quick suggestion we can offer is that you should determine whether you need a static public IP address or not. This depends on the game that you play.
You need a static public IP address to access your friends in an easier way if you host a game with a dedicated server. Still, the generic games which involve 3rd-party servers such as Xbox live and peer-to-peer (P2P) connections do not require static public IP addresses.
Also, keep in mind that you may be charged for providing a static public IP address because most internet connections don’t have this property by default.

As a Result of All These Points…

Yes, changing your IP address may have several advantages and disadvantages. The critical point here is accounting for the balance between them correctly. Does it have cons more than pros? Only you can decide this for your personal gaming experience. Don’t forget that using a VPN is also an option.
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