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25 of the Best Torrent Websites in 2023 That Still Work

25 of the Best Torrent Websites in 2023 That Still Work
Jan 4, 2023
In 2021, BitTorrent, one of the most well-known clients in torrenting history, brought torrenting to the world. Despite a series of movie and music producers throwing up their hands in disgust, torrenting still exists today. As a P2P downloading platform, it is an incredibly effective way to get your files without relying on a single server. So we have a list of the best torrent websites below.
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25 of the Best Torrent Websites in 2023 That Still Work - FastVPN
In 2021, BitTorrent, one of the most well-known clients in torrenting history, brought torrenting to the world. Despite a series of movie and music producers throwing up their hands in disgust, torrenting still exists today. As a P2P downloading platform, it is an incredibly effective way to get your files without relying on a single server. So we have a list of the best torrent websites below.
But when it comes to torrenting files, you must take a certain degree of risk. To the uninformed, a fake torrent site can be pretty unsafe. So spotting an excellent torrenting site is vital for online safety.
So if you want to torrent a file, we’ve got a massive list of different sites you can trust. Below, we will go through a list of 25 torrenting sites and how you can stay safe while using them.
But first, a bit more information on torrenting:

What is Torrenting?

Torrenting is downloading (and uploading) files through the BitTorrent network. Members of the BitTorrent share a peer-to-peer stage that allows for downloading and uploading files from each other.
You download a file from a single, dedicated server in standard downloading. However, torrenting expands that download to multiple peers on the same network.
The uploading comes from your need to support the download by allowing others access to your file. As a result, they might get a faster download because you are closer or have a fast connection. By supporting the download, you become a seeder.
On the other hand, you are a leecher if you remove the torrent file and block other people from downloading it. You’ll want to keep these terms in mind for later.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Torrenting?

virtual private network (VPN) is necessary for a few reasons. Here is a short list:
  • Encrypting your connection is required to stay secure online
  • Fellow users having access to data from your download is a security risk
  • P2P downloading is a persistent connection with a lot of leak potential
You need a VPN for torrenting is no different from why you need it for everyday use: staying safe online. Below, we will go through a list of over 20 of the top torrenting sites you can use.

Quick Roundup – Five Torrent Sites (if You Don’t Feel Like Reading)

If you don’t feel like reading through the whole list, here are the top five options available and why you should choose them:
If you want a more detailed review, below is a list of the best sites.

Best Torrent Sites in 2023 That are Safe and Working

The Pirate Bay – The Best Overall

notion image
The Pirate Bay is the most notorious site for getting your torrent fix. Given its servers have been raided and its founders arrested, it’s no wonder that this torrenting behemoth still exists.
The founders have recorded prison being “well worth it” and reminding us that The Pirate Bay “Cannot Be Stopped,” signaling continued survival for the nearly 20-year-old torrenting platform.
Much of the site’s success comes from the notoriety that this torrenting platform generated. It’s banned in many countries because of its stance on file sharing.
It also helps that the site’s design hasn’t changed in 20 years, sticking to the old-fashioned pirate ship logo. The site also supports tor browsing, enabling you to remain secure and private while obtaining the files. However, you’ll still need VPN active if you want to stay safe.

RARBG — Verifies Torrents for You

notion image
RARGB helps you verify the validity of torrents by associating the torrents with specific users. This user identification feature enables you to target violating individuals and report them for including viruses.
The site also offers an impressive array of categories that focuses mainly on a robust movie offering. While RARGB doesn’t have the same notoriety as The Pirate Bay, it is one of the more trusted options for acquiring torrents.
RARGB also associates torrent uploads with sites like IMDb for more accessible research. It also has a DMCA notice to third parties concerned with the content available on its site. However, because it focuses on being the proxy for torrents, it isn’t as likely to be taken down.
Whether you want games, movies, music, or software, RARGB is a solid choice.

1337x — A Massive Library

notion image
The site 1337x is one of the rising stars of torrents. Initially founded in 2006, 1337 has had a lot of time building its torrent library. Despite this, it isn’t a common target for legal action like The Pirate Bay.
However, 1337x’s popularity has it banned in some countries. The Dutch don’t seem to like them.
What makes 1337 unique is that they have a massive library of torrents. Because this library is becoming overwhelming, 1337 is one of the few torrent sites with uploading rules:
  • Make sure you have a well-seeded torrent within 24 hours
  • Direct download links are forbidden
  • Upload files that you are capable of seeding
You are given higher demands if you want to contribute to the community. However, you might not need to worry about this if you only download files.

YTS – If You Want HD Movies

notion image
YTS focuses on providing movies for those seeking high-quality content. From its navigation from the top, you’ll see a green “4K” option that sorts by film in 4k.
The result is making it easier for you to download high-quality movies—no more digging through throngs of 240P videos to try and get something you can see.
The site also recommends downloading a VPN, which is good advice for torrents. Given the website reminds you of the importance of security before you get too far, that’s a good sign.
The YIFY reference refers to an older, well-known torrenting group that released small movie files. The former site behind this company was taken down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). YTS, the new name, is the attempt to rebuild that legacy.

Torrentz – A Simple Search Engine

notion image
Torrentz has a bit of a tumultuous history. The current website has nothing to do with the original creators of Torrentz. Instead, it is a clone that works similarly to the original site.
Torrentz has indexed hundreds of thousands of files. Its search engine accounts for multiple clones on its list, but the classic link still works.
From 2008 to 2016, the founders of Torrentz underwent these hardships:
  • Scammers attempted to overtake the website
  • Paramount Pictures sent the owners a DMCA
  • Torrentz had its domain name suspended with no court order
  • Torrentz was shut down with the “Torrentz will always love you. Farwell.” message.
The link we provided is the next best thing to the original Torrentz. The latest one might use it for affiliate income, but it still serves a purpose.

EZTV – Great for TV Shows

notion image
If there is one thing that EZTV does, it reminds you that torrents websites are still kind of in the 90s when it comes to website design. Despite not winning any design rewards, EZTV does win by offering a tv-focused platform.
Those looking to download their favorite episodes of something will find EZTV ideal for this. However, you might want to take note of its multiple domains ending n “.ag,” “.it,” and “.ch,” as the service has been banned in a few countries.
You can also easily use the website’s forums to stay updated, and an RSS feed to track specific uploads. It has a robust community of anonymous users willing to contribute.

Zooqle – Contains Verified Torrents

notion image
Zooqle is a torrent search engine great for finding verified torrents. What makes a torrent verified? Fellow seeders confirm it on the torrenting platform.
The owners of  Zooqle have created a powerful platform making it easy for you to find a variety of categories. Its relative newness has kept it out of the sight of most torrent bans, but those are more likely to come down the line.
Zooqle’s only similarity to google comes from the search function. Otherwise, the site’s design is unique, listing a series of popular torrenting options in the center of the page.

Limetorrents — Good Variety

notion image
Limetorrents invokes visions of the past that make you think of LimeWire. However, this platform has nothing to do with the old-fashion P2P platform.
Instead, LimeTorrents is usually one of the top used torrenting sites worldwide. However, recent legal trouble has caused it to need to switch domain links.
Some people have hijacked the site to litter it with ads as well. So f you want to use LimeTorrents, pay extra attention to ensure you aren’t clicking on any unfortunate links. Below, we will provide you with tips to spot these fake sites.

IPTorrents — A Private Torrent Site

notion image
IPTorrents is unique in being the first private torrent site on our list. These personal sites require you to create a username and password to use their services.
The good news is that you don’t have to give them any personal information. So be sure to use an email service that does the same and requires none of your personal information.
Privat sites are great in that the entire community is a bit closer. So even if you are anonymous, everyone is held to some accountability. But if you leech, the community might not view you favorably.
So although these private services are a bit nosier about what you have, they do have a solid accountability system. Provided you keep up your VPN, you should remain protected.

Torrends – A Search Engine for Indexed Sites

notion image
Torrends participates in meta searching, meaning it searches other indexed search engines for results. This means that Torrends has one of the largest “libraries” in existence.
However, those libraries are entirely dependent upon other torrent sites. So you won’t be able to find specific torrents, simply other sites that do the hosting for them.
Torrends is great for tracking the up and down status of these sites. Torrends even provides you a list of proxy servers if you want to overcome country-specific blocks. However, this feature is worthless if you already have FastVPN.
Start here if you struggle to find a torrent site you like. While you won’t find the files, you’ll find status updates and be able to figure out why your favorite place is down.

Demonoid — Another Well-known Classic

notion image
Demonoid is one of those legendary torrenting sites with The Pirate Bay. The original site went down after the tragic passing of its founder, Deimos, in 2018. Former staffers own the current site, keeping the legacy alive.
Demonoid has had a prolific history of legal issues, with more than ten speculated cease and desist orders since its founding in 2003. Canada downright banned the website in 2007, directing IPs to indicate to users that the website was down.
These days, Demonoid exists under the “.is” domain, trying to distance itself from its past. For long-time site users, they include some of the older internet users. Those who remember Demonoid and The Pirate Bay often put them in the same outstanding category.

Bibliotik – Great for eBook Lovers

notion image
Bibliotik is a small community of book torrenting individuals that take the term “private” incredibly seriously. Bibliotik is taking a similar stance to Deominoid back in the day, only opening itself up to small numbers of users.
The easiest way to join the heavily restrictive community is through invite-only. But the seats are so elusive that many people on Reddit take to public venues to complain about the lack of openness.
Its elusiveness makes Bibliotik unique, as you need to meet their strict requirements to join. Members of the inner sanctum complement its ability to sort through the system. However, it’s a “what happens in Bibliotik stays in Bibliotik situation, so keep your eyes open for registration time.

NYAA — Great for Asian Content

notion image
Nyaa is a website that focuses on one type of content: Asian content. It specializes primarily in providing anime and other types of content that most audiences will need subtitles and overdubs for.
While you can find other kinds of content here, most of the effort on indexing from this site comes back to something you might find on Crunchyroll. However, you can also find other kinds of content using the category filters., the line referenced above, contains no adult content. So f you are looking for a family-friendly torrent site, here you go. However, Nyaa makes no effort to hide some of the weirder aspects of Anime, so be sure to do some research on the shows you pick up before your kids watch them.

MyAnonaMouse MAM – Another Good eBook Site

notion image
MyAnonaMouse is the less restrictive alternative to Bibliotik. It specializes in providing excellent trackers for eBooks of all kinds. However, you need approval in the invite application.
Unlike Bibliotik, you don’t necessarily have to have connections to join. Instead, you need to fill out a form. However, knowing someone who uses the site can still help.
Those who use the site will be surprised about the amount of love the owners put into it. But to experience that love, you need to submit an app for 25 hours from Saturday to Sunday or Wednesday to Thursday. So despite there being a more straightforward process to join, it still takes a bit of effort.

FitGirl Repacks – Good for Gamers

notion image
FitGirl Repacks is a torrenting site that allows you to download games that the site owner personally repacks. Their sharing of .torrent files makes this site qualified to be on the list.
Repacks are not “cracks,” meaning that they don’t intend for you to be able to download the game freely. You’ll still need to be able to take extra steps to prove your ownership. Don’t bother asking the site owner about cracks.
Instead, repacks are closer to file compression, allowing you to download smaller versions of the same games. FitGgrl Repacks is one of the most trusted sites available for this service. They happen to have torrent downloading options.

Kickass Torrents – Yet Another Surviving Classic

notion image
KAT, or Kickass Torrents, is another one of those websites with a long history of torrenting. At one point, KAT overtook The Pirate Bay in popularity, but not without some attention.
KAT used to have a standard “.com” domain until its seizure from the US Department of Justice. The owners moved across multiple domains, planning to do so on a regular six-month basis back in 2008 to avoid the continued blocking.
KAT took up locations n the Philippines, Portugal, Costa Rica,  and Malaysia. During this moving attempt, it was blocked by numerous groups, deleted by Google, and supposably the owner was arrested.
Despite KAT going through some significant shifts, it still exists and even has a “.onion” URL  for further protection.

SolidTorrents – A Simple Search Engine

notion image
SolidTorrents has a Reddit post out by the owner requesting assistance to keep the site up. The post is three years old by now,  so we assume that the request went well, as they are an excellent ad-free torrent site with a vast amount of torrents.
SolidTorrents doesn’t have the same legendary status given its relatively new age. You also won’t see any user accounts or methods to confirm the user. So there is a bit more risk there, but you can still tell the quality of the download with relative ease.
Later, we will go through how you can confirm torrent download quality using these steps. SolidTorrents provides that data, so they are a worthwhile search engine.

Bitport – Allows Direct Download Without Clients

notion image
Bitport is unique in that it isn’t what you would call a classic “torrent site.” Instead, It’s about creating a cloud-based server for streaming files between multiple locations.
What puts it on this list? Mainly the ability to share and access files with relative ease. BitPort is a cloud-based torrenting platform where you can easily share your files between people. So, if you have a trusted group of people, you can share files (torrent them) on a much smaller scale.
You also don’t need a torrent client to share downloads; all you need is an account. Sharing these files anonymously is pretty secure; just be sure you link it to an anonymous email (like ProtonMail)

iDope – An Excellent Newcomer

notion image
iDope describes itself as a tribute to KAT, Kickass Torrents. However, it is plagued by duplicators that typically tend to outrank it, so be sure to pick the right one we have linked.
Our hope s that iDope can maintain this URL, as its website is pretty solid for finding different categories of items. Movies, TV, games, and music are all easily searchable. iDope also supports an app you can download.
iDope also supports the onion network, making it an incredibly robust offering. So if you want to remain anonymous, combine this with The Fast VPN.

TorrentGalaxy – A Fancy Website

notion image
TorrentGalaxy offers an excellent way to download a wide range of movies, music, and other options. It is one of the few torrenting services that provides the streaming option. Much like torrenting, streaming requires a persistent connection. The difference? You don’t keep the files.
You also reduce your risk of receiving unwanted letters (depending on what you download). You can even play a few games in their “arcade hall,” which makes this feel closer to a site from the mid-2000s.
Regardless of the fun nonsense, this site has, the community is small and converses via the forums, and the search engine makes things easy to find. While it can be visually overwhelming, TorrentGalaxy is a good site.

DirtyTorrents – Not Actually Dirty

notion image
Despite the visual image that Dirty Torrents might bring, most of the interface s pretty clean. Also, only one of the links (you see above) leads to anything dirty.
Dirty Torrents takes an alternative approach to torrent sharing, sticking to a simple interface. You won’t even find images on the site, so it is incredibly bare-bones (similar to The Pirate Bay).
Dirty Torrents indexes a good portion of available downloads if you aren’t looking for an overwhelming experience. So check it out if you want a service with less of the drama that comes with major providers.

GloTorrents – Provides Excellent Information

notion image
GloTorrents is a unique Bittorrent community that still sows the Google plus social link in the upper-right hand corner of the website to this day. Despite this dated reference, the staff and forums house many people who participate in file sharing.
The file exploration tools are pretty andy, with a “health meter” telling you about the best downloads. There’s also the ability to create user accounts, enabling greater accountability with file uploads.
GloTorrents is under hot water because London’s Hgh Court explicitly mentions them as a torrent site of risk. Those who live in the United Kingdom might not be able to use GloTorrents over the next few months.

Animetosho – Great if You Like Anime

Animetosho has been around for ten years, but I’m not going to put an image of the website to save your eyeballs. Despite being an incredible resource, the website’s creator likes one of two color schemes:
  • Early 90s command prompt screen colors
  • Salmon and slightly darker salmon
If you love anime and want to torrent your videos, you’ll likely find no better resource for it. But tolerating the screen is what puts it low on this list.
If you manage to overcome the eye reset you’ll take from using the site, message its creator. Let them know to pick a more neutral color palette.

AniDex – Also for Anime and Manga

notion image
Anidex is another well-known anime-sharing site. However, you’ll also find games, manga, and music built around the animation genre. You can also look through their live-action stuff, delving into foreign television.
Regardless of what you delve into, Anidex is well-organized with a lot of content. You can also join the forums, which are much smaller given that this site is less popular than other anime options.
AniDex’s only problem is its history with data leaks, exposing some user data. You might want to avoid creating an account on this platform. Also, be sure your VPN is active while browsing this website.

PassThePopcorn — Great for Movie Lovers

notion image
Pass The Popcorn is a private torrent site that specializes in watching movies. As you might imagine, this group takes a hint from Bibliotik, making it incredibly challenging to join the hallowed halls of torrenting.
Because of this, you might already realize that your best method of entry is knowing someone, so if you manage to get an invite, someone must know you.
Becoming active on a forum like Torrent invites might help you get started. So best of luck joining, as they are a well-respected torrenting site.

YourBittorrent – A Nice Backup Option

notion image
YourBittorrent (or myBttorrent, depending on how you found it) results from business disagreements. However, the site was eventually taken down by Microsoft in 2006.
The site transitioned from “my” to “your” a few years later. Still, it never took off because this was occurring during a significant torrent crackdown, thanks to The Pirate Bay.
Still, the website persists, offering a decent torrent library of eBooks, movies, and other content. Its biggest problem comes back to the website feeling a bit dated. However, its smaller size means that there are fewer clones.

Torrent Sites You Should Avoid

Despite torrents being an excellent method for downloading, there are some sites you should avoid. Below, we will go through a list of these websites and why you should avoid them.


TorrentDownloads is a generic search term that looking for the original website is already dicey. The topmost search option leads you to a site full of ads and nonsense. Trying to get through the site is the internet equivalent to taking a machete through the jungle.


TorrentFunk was once similar to iDope or KAT in popularity. However, numerous blocks across the front led to this site being buried in search engine hell.
Finding this torrenting site can be somewhat challenging. So be sure you take extra precautions before you start the search. If possible, stick to one of the above sites easily to follow.

ETTV Torrents

ETTV was a prevalent and well-known legend to torrenting. However, the site was shut down due to a lack of funds, with numerous domains expiring over the next year.
The original owner was initially going to sell the site, but it didn’t manage to sell. Thankfully, we have EZTV as the alternative to this site, but this con leaving torrents was deemed the “end of an era.”


SkyTorrents is one of those small torrenting websites stuck in “search engine purgatory.” The owners behind t had an inspiring vision of an ad-free experience that won’t track you.
The site likely drew much ire from copyright holders with its initial popularity. SkyTorrents was blocked in several countries. So finding it is difficult and not worth the risks.


ExtraTorrent is on this list because it has been replaced with many fake alternatives. The original ExtraTorrent shut down in 2017 after an emergency maintenance period. The website never came back despite being incredibly popular on a global scale.
That being said, you can still find some use out of some clones. The “.si” variant of the original website is your safest bet. However, seeing this in general on Google is a bad idea.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Torrenting Sites

Because torrenting is full of people trying to take advantage of popularity, there is less protection for its proper users. Because of this, you need to be careful in choosing the best torrenting sites.
Many of these sites are also fake sites for torrenting, leveraging the popularity of the competition. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your torrenting site is safe:
  • Too many ads. Numerous pop-ups and advertisements signify that your chosen website isn’t great for you. If you have to close seas of ads before accessing files, don’t use it.
  • Random redirections. If your torrenting website suddenly shifts your URL or brings up a new, alternative site. This is a sign of a site takeover, meaning you should try an alternative option.
  • Check out a list. The list of sites above provides you with personally vetted options. So if you aren’t sure, check the opinion of someone who has used these sites.
  • Look at the news. If your favorite site is down, check out the news on sites like TorrentFreak to find out if something has happened. If you notice your site is own or out, the current site might be someone taking advantage of the situation.

How to Avoid Bad Torrent Files

Once you sort through a list of sites, you’ll want to find good files. Here’s how you avoid destructive files:
  • A high number of seeders. Seeders support the download on behalf of the community. Many seeders mean the file is doing good work, as people aren’t deleting it.
  • Positive comments. Files with positive comments on them indicate users have found success. Focus on comments that mention how good the download is. If you see comments about people’s letters or viruses, avoid those files.
  • Keep your antivirus protection up to date. Before you keep the file on your computer, run a scan on it using the latest antivirus protection. There is a fair chance for malware or a virus to be connected if you don’t.
  • Only download what you need. Torrenting files are unique in that they allow you to pick what you download. Because they come in multiple chunks (often with a readme), you can remove the text files that are more likely to harbor malware.
  • Use the file. After antivirus scanning, use the files to check around for valuable files. If the file doesn’t run or has a weird extension, see online if you can figure it out. If the file works with no obvious solution, move on and remove it.
  • Check with the community. Outside of comments, you might check the forums of your favorite torrent site to see if there is a more significant scale attack. In cases where multiple files are impacted, you might find it easier to leave a forum post or announcement.

Conclusion – Why Do I Need a VPN for Accessing Torrent Sites?

Above all else, be sure to have your VPN active when you download anything. You need a VPN active while torrenting to protect yourself from continuous exposure. Much like streaming, providing unencrypted data to anyone is a bad idea, especially if you do it continuously.
Regardless of why you torrent, be sure you download FastVPN to remain secure online.
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