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Top 10 Best Game Torrent Sites in 2023

Top 10 Best Game Torrent Sites in 2023
Jan 5, 2023
Game torrent sites are the best options to play a game for free. Unless you want to spend some money on Steam or Epic stores, you should check these game torrenting websites.
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Top 10 Best Game Torrent Sites in 2023 - FastVPN
Gaming has become a brand-new trend after the pandemic. With time, more and more people are showing interest in playing online games. As the number of gamers increases, gaming-related websites also increase.
Steam and Epic Games are two game stores. The former has been the face of gaming for a long time now. Epic Games Store offers similar services, like Steam. They mostly offer AAA titles and published games. However, you will have to buy the games to play.
A large number of gamers are youngsters who do not want to pay money to play a game. Thus, they resort to torrent sites for gaming. It is a convenient way to download games. But finding a good torrent site might be a little challenging. So, in this guide, we are going to list the top game torrent sites in 2023.

Best Game Torrent Sites

It is not enough for a site to have game torrents to be taken to be reliable. It needs to fulfill a few requirements, such as a good collection of games, an easy-to-navigate site, free from malware, working torrents with good speeds, and virus-free game files. Below are the top 10 best game torrent sites.

1. The Pirate Bay

The platform was launched in 2003 and is one of the most popular and visited sites across the world. It has an advanced search box that you can use for searching games without any hassle. With this torrent site, you can download high-quality games.
The Pirate Bay is not game specific, but its portfolio of games is highly impressive. Almost all popular uploaders have their torrents on this platform. It has more than 5 million registered users.

2. GazelleGames

Another name that you will come across often is GazelleGames. It is a site dedicated to proven game torrents. However, due to government crackdowns, it has taken on a membership approach. So, you won’t get access to the site unless you are invited by a member.
The platform opens free registrations once in a while. But free sign-ups are very rare these days. If you are lucky enough to apply, you will have to go through the approval process. Thereafter, you will get access to thousands of gaming torrents.


One of the most reliable games torrenting sites is RARBG. It is a website for different kinds of torrents, including games. The platform has a rich collection of high-quality torrents. Its directory is updated quite frequently. Hence, you are going to find all the latest games on this torrenting platform. Its layout is quite similar to The Pirate Bay.
The platform searches and finds based on top torrents for every category. However, RARBG does serve more ads. Many countries, including Denmark, the UK, India, Belgium, and more have banned RARBG. Hence, if you are from one of these countries, you will not be able to access it. Changing your location by using a VPN is the most practical solution.
You can find all games in the ‘Games’ category. There are tons of popular games and you are sure to find the games that you want to play.

4. 1337x

1337x has received a complete makeover. It is not the clunky website as it was before. With this, you can enjoy a seamless and safe torrenting hub. The platform is highly moderated. You can use it to download the latest games. Some top torrent uploaders, including FitGirl upload their files on this torrenting platform. But, if you want to play older games, RARBG and The Pirate Bay might be a better choice for you.
It offers a download speed of 3-4Mbps and doesn’t frustrate you with any ads. More than 50 million people are using the platform every month. However, the registration process is very rigorous for new uploaders. The platform differentiates between VIP, regular, and trial uploaders, but we suggest you for VIP torrents at all times.

5. Kickass Torrents

One of the best-known and oldest torrent sites for games is Kickass Torrents. On this torrent site, you can explore various categories through the title. Kickass is a general torrent that provides a range of things you can download.
To download games from Kickass Torrents, you should know what game you are looking to download since it only lets you search with game keywords. When it comes to games, the platform has everything you need. The search section for every game will tell you the exact details. Hence, you don’t have to download anything with your eyes closed.

6. FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repacks is quite popular among gamers. It is packed with different kinds of games. Even though the torrent site doesn’t provide a crack, it has a love for compressing it. But it doesn’t take the requests to do so unless it is a special ‘Day of Requests’. In case you are one of those gamers who want to repack titles, you need to wait for FitGirl to release it.
FitGirl Repacks lets you enjoy high-quality game torrents. It is only available to download game torrents.

7. CroTorrents

If you play games on your PC, CroTorrents can be a real treat for you. It has many striking features. For instance, you can filter the games by genre or request a game.
However, they have numerous pop-ups just when you click on the ‘Download’ button, which can be very distracting. At times, you might get up to three random pages before you can get your hands on the torrent.
CroTorrent has a decent library of games. The site is completely malware free. So, the platform is good for game downloads.

8. Zooqle

With Zooqle, you can not only download games but also lets you download movies and TV shows. To find the game torrent using keyword search or by ‘Game’ option. It might not be a big torrent website, but it has many game torrents that you will not find on any other site.
The site has more than 5 million visitors every month. But you cannot download from the platform unless you have an account.

9. GamesTorrents

GameTorrents has a decent library of games that you can torrent. But the entire website is in Spanish. So, you have to auto-translate in case you don’t speak the language.
The site is a minefield with plenty of clickables that can take you to some other site. This is the reason you should only stick to the download button. If you get your way around your website, it has a lot to offer.

10. LimeTorrents

If you are looking for new releases, LimeTorrents can be a good choice. The torrent site is user-friendly and has an excellent seed/leech ratio for new games. So, it is the perfect title if you are looking for something fresh.
LimeTorrents draws more than 20 million users every month. The platform supports itself with pop-ups that can become annoying after some time.

Stay Safe While Torrenting

When you are torrenting games, you need to protect your online safety and privacy. Shady torrent platforms might expose you malware, legal fines, hacks, and a lot more. Often, ISOs throttle your internet speed when they discover you are torrenting. Also, some counties have declared torrenting illegal.
Hence, it is crucial to find reliable torrent sites and combine them with good security techniques, such as a VPN. It can help in increasing internet speed for gaming and accessing torrent sites securely.


There is never a shortage of incredible video games to try out. The above torrent sites will allow you to download the games you want to play for free. But make sure you are using a VPN while torrenting and gaming. It can help you combat ISP restrictions, circumvent geographical blocks, and fix latency problems.
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