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What is Ad Blocking? Why do you need it? | Best Guide 2023

What is Ad Blocking? Why do you need it? | Best Guide 2023
Jan 3, 2023
What makes your internet surfing irritable and annoying? Yes, you’re right. The obnoxious pop-ups, scroll overs, and sticky auto-play ads disrupt the user experience of safe internet browsing.
Dilara Yavuz
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What is Ad Blocking? Why do you need it? - FastVPN
What makes your internet surfing irritable and annoying? Yes, you’re right. The obnoxious pop-ups, scroll overs, and sticky auto-play ads disrupt the user experience of safe internet browsing.
As soon as they display, a feeling of discontentment and displeasure is thereby the user. But fear not! Behold Ad blocking is here to the rescue.

The Desire to Block Ads

Consumers’ intent to block certain specific ads is undoubtedly driven in the direction of their experience. And all over the world users’ complain of viewing unnecessary content in the form of online advertisements. The ad load on their screen frustrates them.
Therefore, users incline toward blocking these annoying ads. Though it may be animations, full-screen countdowns, flashing pop-ups, or auto-plays with sound effects, each disintegrates the user to have a smooth internet scroll.

Why Ads are Annoying at Times?

When you ponder through your mind. We all are in the same boat and have been through with this not-so-happy online ad experience.
You land on a website, and before you see the display content, a giant ad fills up your screen. You want to click on that small right cross icon to close it. But another ad hits at the bottom. Making it challenging to navigate the website thoroughly.
At this point, the users start to lose their attention and interest. And instead of focusing on their content they entirely lose track of it. And start to surf in a different direction irrespective of their time.
This has a profound impact on both online publishers and advertisers. Both have a binary relation and are directly proportional to each other. The more visitors on a site, the more cost will be charged for ad inventory.

ADs are Not Always Tolerable

However, contrary to this, if a website turns out to be a site with ceaseless ads. Visitors become highly reluctant and are hesitant to revisit the site. This leads to minor trafficking on the site and, in return, has less revenue.

Top Reasons for Blocking Inappropriate Ads:

The fundamental reasons for ad blocking are:
Shielding your privacy: The user protects his privacy by not viewing unwanted ads. He lessens the number of HTTP cookies, behavior tracking, and internet fingerprinting.
Malverstied protection: Any invasive action from the ad can be prohibited. Auto redirects, opening a new web tab / an external website, or an automatic download can be avoided.
Avoiding web bloat: Many websites track the amount of downloadable content using trackers and advertising codes; thus, there is significant inflation in the downloaded data by the user.
Enhanced User Experience: Many ads cover the content and clutter the pages. It becomes difficult to view the displayed content by a lot of distraction. Therefore, blocking the ad will make the original content visible.
Less Interruption: It gives a faster page loading time with less interruption. The user can directly access the site instead of waiting for the ad to appear and canceling it accordingly.
Easy Accessibility: the content in the ads can be racial or disturbing for the viewer. Therefore, not viewing such ads will positively impact aiding the easy Accessibility of the desired content.
Battery Saving: saves battery consumption on mobile phones, laptops, and other devices.
Prevention of undesirable content: Pornographic displays and content that is not age-appropriate can be stopped.
Less ad revenue: It can prevent websites from making ad revenue from the user’s visit.
Lower Resource Wastage: Bandwidth, CPU, storage, and memory can be saved.
Fewer Distractions: Fewer ads will make the user focus on the intent of his browsing and will keep him on track and more motivated.
Less tractability: The exclusion of the ads will make tracking difficult and hinder the profiling systems of delivery platforms.
Cleaner Webpages: The ads display makes the web page occupied and quite wordy. Blocking these will positively display a cleaner web page with more original content.
Energy Saving: Substantial amount of electrical energy can be saved via it. It causes lower user power bills at a general; grid level as less data consumption is executed between the website server and the user’s device.
Browsing Quality: It maintains the user’s quality of internet browsing, and it decreases the exposure to marketing industries that advertise and promote various products and services that have the potential to harm the customer, creating an inherent urge of shopping and online buying.

The Advertisements may not Interest the User at All

Moreover, ads encourage the users to view and shop for unwanted products. They incline to become maximalists instead of becoming minimalists.
An average person views approximately 5000 advertisements daily via multiple online sources. Expensive consumer products are mostly on display, encouraging users to gamble their money or get into debt.
These advertisers play on their human weakness and delve right into the user’s privacy with the help of artificially intelligent software.
Unwanted advertisements have a negatively harmful effect on the advertisers themselves. If a user becomes consciously annoyed by a particular ad, then there is a possible chance that he will avoid the goods and services of companies using ads to promote their web content.

Blocking Certain ads are At Times a Good practice

Blocking certain ads can save time and energy for users who do not intend to make any purchase. Furthermore, any advertisement that appears on a website implements a toll on the attention budget of the user. `
Each displayed ad cuts short the screen view and intentionally provokes the user to ignore or close it consciously. Akin to this, a user who is highly devoted to reading the only legitimate contents of the web page has no desire to be diverted by advertisements.
He has no intention to bent towards viewing unneeded products or service. That has no relevance with the content he is reading at large.

AD Blocking Protects your Device

Furthermore, it makes the device virus-free. Online advertisements subject users to a higher rate of infecting their devices with various viruses that can corrupt their software.
By blocking advertisements, information becomes secure. And the device does not have to go through any manifesting attacks.

No Unsolicitation

Moreover, it is rightly said that time is money. Unsolicited advertisements add extra minutes and seconds, especially when the user is doing something important on the internet.
Firstly, the user identifies an ad then clicks on it to close it or use any other method of not viewing it. It takes away the user’s intellectual focus and his time. This time problem can instantly spiral out of control leading to excess wastage of time.

Ad Blocking Help in Retaining Bandwidth

Likewise, users who pay for usage connections or total transferred bandwidth have the financial benefit of filtering and blocking an ad before it is loaded.
Many browsers offer various ways to remove or block the ads embedded with web banners, pictures, brand or product advertisements, and many more to avoid the hassle. They usually intend to stop the ad by targeting those technologies or artificially intelligent software that delivers the ads.
Moreover, browser plugins or Autoplay HTML is also good for it. However, the safest and the most reliable way to block the ad is by using a VPN.

How to Block Unwanted Ads?

Ad Blocker

Using an ad blocker is one of the most common methods of improving the speed of the internet. According to research, ad blocking reduces data consummation and speeds up uploading time. It also becomes monetarily affordable if the site does not show irrelevant ads.

Clear Cookies

Similarly, many web browsers have a common problem of restoring sessions that often play multiple ads at once. One standard method to remove this obstacle is to avert quickly by setting the web browser to clear all cookies and browsing history every time the user closes the browsing software.

Script Blocker

Another prevention option is to opt for a script blocker, which enables the user to disable any script that is on-desirable. From the standpoint of web page functionality, the users can easily distinguish between what content to view and what not.
Thus, this provides the user with power and control to view and restrain the displayed content on their computer screen. Though these options may sound viable, the best of all is installing a VPN.


Android users can have a local VPN with a filtering ability and a DSN address without premium or root access. This allows ad blocking host files to stop and filter out various ad networks on the device.
Ad guard, Adblock, DNS66, and Rethink DNS are among the few well-known apps that accomplish blocking without much hassle.
The adblocking is only active when the VPN is on and its ad-blocking permissibility is happening.
This optimizes the user experience, reduces battery usage, and optimizes the connectivity of the internet. Overall it requires less configuration.

Believe it or not, A VPN does it all!

A virtual private network, also commonly known as a VPN, is a secure pathway between the user’s device and the internet. It’s a tunnel where a user can see the white light of quality experience. It protects and safeguards from all unnecessary interferences and censorship.

Offers a Safe Pathway

It is very forward to securing users’ internet traffic and maintaining their anonymous identities. As soon as the user connects the VPN. The internet traffic starts coming through a safe tunnel that nobody can access, not even the hackers or the internet service providers.

Online Activities become annonymous

All online activities remain private and free from any external intrusion. The best thing about using a VPN is changing your server’s IP address. It gives a unique number that appears to be in the location the user intends to show.

Password Protection

With the health of strong encryption, the VPN shields your passwords, mobile numbers, and even your profiles from anyone who wants to invade in user’s privacy.
Whenever the user is on an untrusted network such as free Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi, it increases the security in primary forms such as packets sniffing, rogue Wi-Fi viruses, etc.

No interruptions

One of its many advantages is that it runs in the background of the user’s device. And will not interrupt whether the user is online browsing, downloading, or typing.
Additionally, it has an FAQ section that answers all the customer queries. And a reliable customer support service. With the help of a VPN people can even access the inaccessible content.

User Friendly

VPN is a user-friendly applications aim at quality assurance. And provide access to restricted content. 8/8 in kill switch and a quality VPN can detect a sudden downtime. Especially when the user has connectivity issues.
Vpn also has an authentication feature. That makes it difficult for uninvited third parties to interact or have access to your online activities.


Though many recommended VPNs all over the globe guarantee the best user experience without any false promises, however, Fast VPN is one of the most and only trusted and reliable VPNs that guarantees and assures safe encryption.


FastVPN is one of the most recommended VPN across the globe.  It has impressive features which block annoying video ads and web banners. Also, it hinders pop-ups and stops user tracking.
Moreover, it provides the user with more privacy and ears in fighting destructive malversation. It assists in giving a fuller browsing experience that is faster in usage.
Furthermore, customizable features such as safe listing the user’s favorite sites and content give a wholesome browsing experience.

Get FastVpn and Stay Happy

Additionally, with no logs guarantee, the advertisers will not be able to track the user’s online activity or habits of browsing. Akin to this, Hit games maximum security when the user is using public Wi-Fi and encrypt on internet trafficking.
With its 24/7 customer support service, a representative is always available to discuss any questions the user might have regarding the VPN. Not only that, it gives the user unlimited access to all its features and also provides a free trial for one month.
On the whole Fast VPN can give the user a liberating and safe browsing experience with its tremendous ad-blocking features.
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